Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Us

Hello all, family and friends. Sorry to have been away for so long. It has been a very crazy month or so since I have last blogged.

We are all well, or well enough I should say. Poor Tysen helped Lee shave the dog a week ago and has been suffering for it ever since. I guess no more dog grooming for him. He has been sneezing and coughing ever since and completely out of it ever since.

Brennan is turning 12 Sunday. Holy crow, I can't even believe that I am old enough to have 12 year old. He is creeping up to my height and his feet are already three whole sizes bigger than mine. He will start junior high in the fall and I am scared to death to send him. He is a good kid and I know that he will choose good friends, but it is a whole new world! Brennan is an extremely intelligent and wise kid, so I know that he will do well if he can settle down and understand the importance of school. A mistake I have since learned. I never did well in high school, and it was because of bad study habits. I had no study habits. We are trying to help him understand that just because the younger grades don't count toward whether or not you get into college, it is good to learn good study habits now. If you don't have them while you are young, you will never have them. It is to hard to catch up. He is such an amazing kid, good looking, likable and generally outgoing.

Tysen has testing next week for first grade! OMG!! He will be in school all day next year. YEAH!! I am so proud of Tiny. When he started kindergarten, I was afraid he would never catch up. This little man struggled so much with even just the simple tasks of identifying his letters of the alphabet and writing his own name. That was due to the fact that he could not decide whether to write with his left or right hand. He does everything with his left hand and writes with his right. He cracks me up. He can now Read write and knows his abc's and 123's backwards and forward, and can sound out and spell words. He can't stand missing school and I love that in him. The two times he has been sick and I have made him stay home was a devastation to him. I believe he will continue to make leaps and bounds.

Emma will hopefully start preschool in the fall. She is ready and such a little social bug. She enjoys being homework mom with me every Thursday. She pretends that she is correcting homework right along side of me and can already write her name and say the alphabet. She walks around some days spelling the entire family's names. E-M-M-A, T-Y-S-E-N, B-R-E-N-N-A-N, M-I-N-D-I, L-E-E. Crack s me up she does. She even is picking up a little bit of Spanish, since her BFF is Ecuadorian and her parents don't speak much English. So funny. I know that most of it is just gibberish but a lot of it she can understand when the neighbor speaks to her. Amazing!

Well as for Lee and myself, we just celebrated out 14th anniversary. We have the good fortune to have Brennan and his willingness to warn extra cash by babysitting. We went and played nine on Saturday night then went out to dinner, while he watched the kids and took care of the house. What a good boy. Tysen and Emma love it when he babysits. They say it is because he is a nicer babysitter than he is a brother. I think it is because he knows that when mom and dad are gone he has to do what they want to do and not what he wants to do. Thank you Brennan, we do truly appreciate you!

Lee is still traveling one week out of every month to work out of the Texas office. He left yesterday afternoon. We miss him terribly when he is gone, but at least he still has a job and it is only one week out of the month and not more yet.

Good times in the Diaz household.

Oh and by the way, I am still waiting for the school to send me pictures from the sixth grade dance. Brennan looked so incredibly handsome in his gray suit and purple tie. It was awesome! So pictures still to come!