Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Conversations with my Kids

So I decided it might be kind of fun to post some of the various conversations I have had in the past with my kids. I mean the funny ones that you have when they are little. I think I shall do this once every other week. You see, i have a notebook that I keep and I write down the conversations that I have had with them and the funny words that they have made up. So here's the first chapter.
You all know Brennan right? Remember what a cute little three year old he was? Well if you don't recall, he was and is still very adorable. But when he was about three he cracked me up on a daily basis. He had this thing where he called Lee and I by our first names, and when he was going to tell you a "fish tale" he would make his voice really low and cool like. So the conversation went as follows. Be sure to hear in your head a real cool low voice when Brennan speaks:
Scene: Driving up 89 to Grandma Jeans.
Brennan: Hey Mindi?
Mindi: Yes Brenn?
Brennan: Do you see those mountains up there?
Mindi: I sure do. What about them?
Brennan: Well, you see Mindi I made them.
Mindi: You made them? How do you mean?
Brennan: Well, do you see how there is some red up there and green and there is even some brown?
Mindi: Yes.
Brennan: Well I painted em.
Mindi: You painted them? How did you do that?
Brennan: I drove around in my truck and painted them.
Mindi: Did you do that all by your self?
Brennan: Well, no. Christian works for me.
Mindi: Wow! So how much do you make at this job?
Brennan: Like 540.
End of conversation for one week. Then it picks back up while driving back up to Grandma Jeans.
Mindi: So Brennan, do you still work in the mountains?
Brennan: Nope!
Mindi: You don't, well how come?
Brennan: The pay sucked!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged by Tessa. Things you might not know about me.

Well like I told Tessa, I am a pretty open book it will be interesting if I can think of some things you might not know about me. Here goes:

  1. When I was young, my should dislocated quite often. It hurt like a beggar! My mom says that I have been to the chiropractor on a few occasions. I do not remember one time that I have been. I think that it was such a painful and scary experience that I have blocked it from my mind.
  2. I still to this day have an irrational fear of dogs. Even little itty bitty's. This is funny mostly because I have a little dog. To this day I will get the sweats and my heart races anytime I come into contact with a little dog or when a dog barks. This probably due to the fact that I was chased often as a child by nippy little fetchers when I was out running the neighborhood.
  3. I LOVE pedicures. Not only because it makes your feet so darn purdy, but because I like to get all of the skin and yuck off. I even like to give pedicures to others.
  4. When I grow up, I want to be a hair dresser. I sometimes wonder if I have missed my window on that. Is 35 to old to go to cosmetology school? because that is how old I will be when I can commit the time to it. And will I be any good?
  5. I love to have my arms, back and feet tickled. It drives me crazy that I have a husband that hates it!
  6. I have lived in 11 different houses in my life. My favorite is the one I live in now. Even though it is old and out of date, it has my best memories. I have wonderful memories of all of my homes, but this is the one I will miss the most.
  7. I wish the outside of my house was as nice as the inside. It will take a long time to make it that way because I feel like I can't do anything to the outside unless everything is done with the inside.
  8. Someday, I would like to move to another state. I have never lived more than forty miles from my family. I think that it will be a challenge and I will miss them greatly. But I want to know what that is like.
  9. I have lived in my neighborhood for 10 years. I still do not know the people next door and they have been there for at least three years and have two little girls that are Tysen and Emma's age. I think that I will go and introduce myself this week.
  10. I wish that I was a better homemaker. I love to cook and be with my children. I hate cleaning though and I really do a half assed job unless I have company over. My sister is the ultimate cleaner. I would love to have a house that looks like hers. It is near impossible when you have a human tornado named, Emma.
  11. I love to eat potato chips and cheez wiz accompanied by a coke. It goes back as far as 3 years old. My dad always had them. He would pour his coke from the bottle into a cup with ice and give me the last little bit and we would eat Lays potato chips while watching MacGyver or Star Trek.
  12. I also love the television show "House". I think that Hugh Lauri is a major hottie and I wish that he was my boyfriend.
  13. I have a pet peeve. It is tall women with short men.
  14. I have major anxiety when I am in the passenger seat. It is with anyone. Even if they are a good driver. I need to be in control of something that big.
  15. I hate watching people when they are doing things from up high. It makes me vomit a little in my mouth.
  16. I love to smell little babies when they wake up from naps. They smell so sweet when they are bathed and have Baby Magic lotion on.
  17. I hate dirty ears! Just pick up a stinking Q-tip and clean them for heaven sake. Does it really take that much time out of your day.

I laugh at commercials and America's Funniest Home videos a lot. I mean I laugh so hard that it makes me cough uncontrollably and it sometimes makes me pee. TMI. I try not to watch them very often.

Well there are some embarrassing things for you. I hope that it makes your day a little better and not too disturbing.

I tag Kirsten, My mom and Annie.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Some Random Things

Just been thinking lately of things that make me happy. I have had so much bad news in the last month, and such a crappy year, that I have just been trying to remember the good old days. So here goes.
  1. I remember when we were quite young, I believe I was around four years old, Kristi and Sean used to walk with us down to the 7-11 on 7000 south and Redwood Road. It was so much fun to go and get penny and nickel candy. Then we would run across the street to Godfather's Pizza. On one particular occasion, we were running across the busy road and I fell. Right in the middle of oncoming traffic. Kristi scooped me up and ran with me to the other side, and said, "Don't tell Mom!" I don't think I ever did. If I had I am sure that would have been the end of that.
  2. I remember setting up Barbie houses. We would use anything that we could find. We would use a bread pan for a bath tub, a toilet paper roll for a toilet. A shoe box for a bed and we would use books to make walls in our own little Barbie dream house. Boy did we ever have some elaborate houses.
  3. We often played church. We would use the gray stool as the pulpit, and the vacuum was the microphone. We would break bread and pass the sacrament. That was a good time.
  4. We also use to play dentist. We would make a retainer out of a paper clip or braces out of gum.
  5. One time Lance was pushing me in my Fisher Price grocery cart, He would push me from one side of the kitchen to the other. Super fun, that is until I hit the corner of the wall and cracked my head open.
  6. I remember having sleep outs in the yard. One time we were setting up in the front yard, I was in my sleeping bag getting on my pj's, when everyone started to scream. I peeked my little head out of the sleeping bag and was met by a gigantic German Shepard! Holy crap that was scary. We were all terribly afraid of dogs!

Good times I must admit. Even if there was a little physical pain involved at times. I remember them as good times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh No! I Lost a Tooth!

This was on October, 28. Tysen said that his tooth was hurting him one day while he was eating his afternoon snack. I looked in his mouth and low and behold, he had two new teeth grown in behind his baby teeth. The baby teeth were not that loose. One was looser than the other. So I said, "Tysen, just let me feel this one, I promise It won't hurt." I grabbed hold of that little sucker and yanked the ever lovin' crap out of it! He cried and bled like a mad dog! I laughed my but off and felt bad that I tricked him. So I gave him five bucks. And the tooth fairy left him a dollar the next morning. That made him happy and he was able to buy a new action figure.
The second one he was very apprehensive about. He would not even let me near his mouth. So... I proceeded to chase him down and hold his tiny little mouth open. I barely touched the thing and it came out. It was definitely ready. He didn't know that it had come out, he begged and pleaded with me not to pull it. I looked at him and said, "What, you mean this thing right here?" He laughed really hard. It was funny. He made me promise to put it on my blog. I am just now getting to it, but a promise is a promise when a tooth is not involved!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wow! What a Week

So this has been the kids first week back to school since the Christmas break. It is also the first week that I have been back in the Babysitting game.
Tysen's best little school friend, Joshua and his sister, Cassy are now my responsibility during the hours of 7AM and 4PM. While I only have Cassy for just an hour in the morning and an hour after school, and Josh for longer because he is in Kindergarten, I have forgotten how hard it is to have children other than my own.
It has gone alright this first week. Hopefully next week we will be able to work out more of the kinks and everyone can be a little more on the same page. Ha Ha!
On another note, yesterday was Emma's 4th birthday. I know, can you believe my tiny little peanut is 4 now? She has grown up so much. Not only in height, but in attitude and maturity. She cracks me up every day. She tells me that I am her best friend forever. She is my little BFF. I love the quality time I get to spend with her while the big kids are in school. Next year should be an adventure since it will be an all day thing instead of just a half day.
For her birthday she told me again that she wanted a flat box that said "Surprise" and lots a tons a clothes, those were her exact words. Also she wanted an American Girl Doll and some more stuff. Well the some more stuff I was a little unsure about. I went to the toy store and just walked around for 30 minutes. I could not think of what she would really want. She is very particular about toys and her birthday being so close to Christmas makes things hard.
So, I asked her if she would rather go shopping with mommy, and she could pick out exactly what she wanted. She really enjoyed that idea, since she had spent Monday spending her birthday money from Aunts, Uncles and Grandma and Grandpa.
She ended up with a set of "Hisicle Musical Barbies" and a "Dora Doll" and a Barbie Beverage Shop and some black shoes. I also got her some more clothes. She is a giant I tell you. I have to buy her shirts in the "Big Girls" section because she has such long everything, although she is still to skinny for the big girl pants. She only ways like 28 maybe 30lbs. She has grown up and not out.
Her American Girl Doll was delivered on her birthday. I was so excited, I didn't tell her that it was here because I did not want Lee to miss out. So we took her out to dinner and let her open it there. I looks just like her, hoopy loops and everything. I shall post a photo later.
All in all it has been a hectic week, but a good one. I am looking forward to things becoming more normal.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Well, the holiday season has come to a end and all the little kiddies are back in school. Yipee!

Christmas this year was amazing. Even the school break was awsome. Normally I count the days for school to start again. This year we had such an amazing and peaceful two weeks. It could be due to the fact that the kids spent the first three days of their vacation with Kristi and Alicia. They are my personal saviors.

Each year on the weekend around the fifteenth, Lee and I dispose of the children for the weekend and we do every single bit of our shopping, wrapping and last minute cleaning before christmas. It was a little worrisome this year because Lee wasn't sure whether or not he was going to get a decent bonus. You never know when they might decide to give the the "Jam of the Month Club" instead of the usual bonus. It was a good bonus. It was exactly what we were expecting. Yeah!

On Christmas morning the kids were pleasently surprised by their gifts from Santa. Brennan asked for a Bike, Tysen wanted a Millenium Falcon, and Emma requested a flat box that says "Surprise". We weren't really sure what she meant by that so she got "Biscuit" the fur real dog. She was very excited and did not seem to miss the flat box.

Lee and I give the kids the rest of their gifts. They got a few other toys and some clothes. When the boys open their clothes they do the "Ralphy and Randy" thing and toss them aside. Emma on the other hand opened her clothes and said, "Oh yeah, clothes, I really needed those!" She really did to. Since the boys got school clothes they did not need much. Emma had four outfits that fit her. The rest looked like hip huggers and belly shirts. She has grown a good six to eight inches since last year.

I am so sad the holidays are over and on the other hand, very glad to have it over. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the new year!

Here are a few pictures from christmas morning.