Monday, June 23, 2008

Missing in Action

So.... I have become and irresponsible mother
this last week. I found something that completely grabbed my attention and made me neglect my daily chores.
I have been hearing from a lot of people about these books and when you start reading them they are impossible to put down.
Well, while I was at Sam's club last Sunday, I always look at the books (not that I like to read or anything, for real, I am not a great fan of books) I like to see if anything will grab my attention. It very rarely does. I came across "Twilight". So remembering that everyone just loved this book and the others that followed, I decided to buy it. Little did I know that I would be completely in love with this book. I started to read it after I got home. I had to take a break for a barbeque at Lee's mom's house for fathers day.
I could not get out of there fast enough. We went home and Lee decided to go get in a "quick nine", so I took advantage of his absence and started to read again.
Well long story shortened, I finished the first book, wich is nearly 500 pages, on Monday night. Oh my Gravy!!! It was so good that while I was at the Grocery store on tuesday I bought "New Moon". I finished that one on Wednesday night. I swore that before I bought the last one "Eclipse", I would get all of my household chores done and grocery shopping done.
That didn't happen. I went shopping Friday and decided when I saw it that I would just get it and start when I finished cleaning the house. I got as far as the kitchen and living room. It called to me and said "READ ME NOW!" So I did. I Finished it on Sunday morning while Lee was golfing.
So beware, if you buy these books make sure you don't have anything to do!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brennan Lee

This is Brennan, my first born. Brennan is and always has been very mature for his age! He began speaking in full sentences when he was just 12 months old. Oh the looks you get when you talk to this little baby like he is a seven year old child. I remember being at the grocery store walking up and down the isles with little Brenny in the front of the cart. I was carrying on like I was having a conversation with an adult. I noticed that there was the same guy in every isle that I went down, I didn't think anything of it until Brennan said in his little grown up voice, "Mom that man is wierd". I looked up at him and he was just starring at Brennan and me. I have to admit that I was a little creeped out when he approached us. He looked at me and then looked at Brennan and said, "I am sorry that it seems like I am following you but I just could not believe that this little thing could be saying the things that he is. He looks so little but he must be three, is he small for his age?" I replied "NO he is only 15 months old." The man just looked at him in disbelief and leaned down to him and said, "You, little man, are wise beyond your years!"

Brennan is wise beyond his years and has always had a grasp on everything everyone does or tells him, not the best thing in the world all the time! He is able to pick most things up quickly and accells in the things that interest him. He likes mostly sports, like soccer, skateboarding (even though at this particular point in time the skateboard is off limits due to the fact that he "lost" his helmet", and he enjoys golfing with Lee. Even in school he does quite well even though he enjoys socializing with others a little too much at times.

Friends are never a problem for Brennan, he seems to attract them like bees to honey! Kids are just naturally drawn to him. It must be his incredibly good looks and charm! Who could resist his beautiful brown eyes and toothy smile?

It is hard sometimes to reason with Brennan, he is very persistent and likes to get his way. He is stubborn and pigheaded at times. I wonder where he gets that from. It must be a Diaz traight! HA HA!! He is a lot like me ad we butt heads quite a bit.

I think that in the eleven years that we have been blessed with the presence of such a wonderful human being, there has never been a day that he or myself have gone without saying "I love you". He is very loving and cares about what you care about. He is a blessing in every way.

Brennan is a wonderful kid and We love him very much. I just thought I should share with you the wonderfullness of Brennan.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I hate cleaning!!

I have to say, I absolutly hate cleaning. It is my least favorite thing to do in the world. I know how to do it and I do it well. However I feel at times that it is never ending.

There are times when I get overwhelmed and I just don't want to and I feel that my childrens messes have gotten out of control. I mean there are days that I shut the door to their rooms and brush it off and say I will get to it later.

I remember as a child that my mom made us do chores every saturday. I hated it then too. Now that I am a mom I know that my mom made us do these chores because she did not make the mess. She did her fair share of chores that moms are expected to do. She was constantly moving. Not surprising since there are nine of us. She was usually busy baking or making things to sustain our daily living.

I was deep in thought last week, contemplating what I could do to keep my family whine free this summer but caught up on daily chores. And keeping them from saying "I AM BORED THERE IS NOTHING TO DO".

So I sat down and made one of my "lists", something of which I and infamous for. I planned out each day to the hour. It is now Thursday and I am pleased to say, so far so good.

It will not kill our children to make them do simple chores and some not so simple chores. It makes me a happier mom and wife when I am not getting bogged down with daily things. My mother-in-law always says, "If your not in the world you should be preparing to be in it". Basically we should be training our children to be responsible adults with a respect for a job well done.