Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 Simple Pleasures

It has taken me a while to think of my five simple pleasures but here they are in no particular order:

1:Paper-let me explain. I love to scrapbook. I think that I probably have oh maybe somewhere in the thousands. I love to go to the scrapbook stores, craft stores and expos. I always tell myself and my friends not to let me buy anymore paper because there is no way in this lifetime that I will ever be able to use every piece of paper that I have. Even still, what do you think I gravitate to more. Every time!

2:Girls Night Out- I try to take at least one weekend night a month (sometimes it doesn't happen that regularly) I go down to my sister Kristi's, who incidently is one of by best friends, Alicia and a few of our other friends go. We usually have at least five of us. We either go and get pedicures or when money is tight we do our own. Then we do dinner at Johnny Carinos and then a movie or bowling. We also play cards. It is the one night that I know I can let my hair down and not worry who is being mean to who and who won't let me play with that toy. It is very important as a mom of three to have MOM time. I usually spend the night and go home refreshed the next morning, ready to be showered with love from my kids who missed me so much. It is good for them too!

3:Golf-No i do not golf, however I do on occassion like to find a babysitter and ride the golf cart and watch Leeferd golf. It is fantastically peaceful and wonderful to spend time just the two of us.

4:Fingernail Polish-I love the smell and look of a fresh manicure. The Acetone and the polish its self. Silly huh?

5:Family Dinner Time-I make my family sit together three nights a week and every other Sunday. What you say? Even though my family is still quite young, there is still the hectic running around, soccer practices and waiting for dad to get home from work or golf. It is the perfect time to catch up on what everyone has done that day and what is to come for the week. It also makes my kids eat food that they would normally just leave sitting on the table because it is gross or wierd.

Well that's it. They seem silly. Oh well. Thanks for the tag Bubba!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Easing the Cost of Gas!

I have to take and pick up Brennan from school every day. I made the choice three years ago to put him in a school that was not in our area because it was a better school with what I feel has higher standards and dare I say a better class of students. I have been driving my very large gas hog of a pickup truck. I am guessing that I would fill my truck at least once a week with the daily trips to the school, which is only about three miles from my home, and my weekly Thursday trips to Moms and by weekly family dinner trips to my various brothers and sisters places. Each time I filled the truck it would cost no less than $60 and lately it was costing about $70 to $75. OUCH!! Along with that Lee works in Salt Lake and the Gateway and had to fill his car up at least once a week at $40 a trip to the gas station.

Thank heaven for The Front Runner!! Lee's work pays for him to ride the train to and from work. Nice huh? Now Lee drives the truck two miles down our street and parks it at the train station and I have been able to drive our more economical car to and from my various errands and pickups. What a savings.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is just this past Christmas. Our tradition is to have matching PJ's. Normally I sew five pair of jammie bottoms and we all wear the same thing on Christmas Eve when we go to see our movie. The next morning it makes for great pictures. This year however, I have found that time is wizzing past me. I bought the PJ's this year and only for the kids. So CUTE! Maybe this year I should start sewing now and then they will be done before the holidays. With my luck the kids will have another one of there growth spirts and they won't fit. I love traditions.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yellowstone National Park 2006