Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Yippee! I am now selling interchangeable watchbands on Etsy! Thank you Brandy Jesperson for letting me post with your cute stuff! Here are some examples above. Please tell everyone you know to visit There is a ton of adorable things on there for yourself and your girls! Very girly!!
On another note, here is an update on us:
We are just packing up today to go on our first camping trip of the season. I wish I was more excited. I always have a hard time being excited to go for the first time of the year. I guess it is just because of all the crap you have to do for the first time. Like, making sure that you have every little thing that you would need in a trailer. Ugh! Oh well the kids will have fun and I am sure once we are pulled into that spot and unpacked I will be able to relax.
Kids are great! Brennan has been constantly on the go this summer. Not much of a difference for him. He can never stay in one spot for more than ten minutes at a time. I love Tuesdays! It gives me a chance to spend time with him when we go to Grandma Diane's and he is stuck with me for the five or so hours we spend there. Good times.
Tysen lost another tooth yesterday, that makes three. No major freak out this time. He was extremely calm as he tried to negotiate a $10 reward for letting me pull it. He really wanted it out and I only had to give him $1 and the "Tooth Fairy" gave him $5. He is such a funny kid!
Last week he and Emma were in the bath and they were being little turkey faces, so I was not in the best of moods. I said something to him rather loudly, but not yelling, and he calmly looked at me and said "Mom, I think you have anger issues." It's hard to be in a bad mood after that. He is such a dork.
Emma is turning out to be a little Brennan. She doesn't like to stick around for long either. She has a BFF across the street, he name is GooGoo. Funny huh? It is really Loraina but she tells me that her name is GooGoo and gets mad when I call her Lori like her family does and the rest of the neighborhood. It is too much fun to watch them together. They are just the cutest things to walk this earth and they are complete polar opposites, in looks and personality, except that they are both little girly girls. Emma is a tall skinny somewhat fair haired princess and GooGoo is a, well, she actually looks just exactly like Dora the Explorer. Don't ever tell her that though. It is very upsetting to her. Very cute and lovey those two are.
Well, I really didn't have time for this, but I just wanted to get an update in. I will post some pictures of our trip to East Canyon when we get back.

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Nickessa said...

Cute, cute. When I get some extra money I need to buy a watch from you, they are adorable.