Friday, February 13, 2009

Snotshoos and Sponsibilities

Oh miss Emma Jean! She is such a funny little girl. I have many opportunities to have one on one chats with her. On a daily basis she makes lists. I ask her what she is doing and her reply is always, "Just my sponsibilities Mom, I just need to get this list done." I think she takes after me, I am forever making lists.
She has had my cold or rather, I have had hers. about two years ago, she got a cold and she kept running to me saying, "Snotshoos, Snotshoos". So what are snotshoos you ask? Boogers. Yes folks they are boogers. She put together snot and tissue. So when she was making her list the other day before we went to the store, I asked her, what was on her list. She said, "Just my sponsibilities and more tissue from the store. I have a lot of snotshoos and we are almost out of tissue."


LeeAnn Barker said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Snotshooz! Why dint WE thinka that, huh?

Nickessa said...

Oh man I love kids and the things they say! They keep life interesting!