Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Fetching Snow Batman!

I awoke this morning to a massive snow storm! I don't know what it was like anywhere else, but oh my gravy was it a doozy! It took me 15 minutes to get the kids to school this morning ( it usually takes 3). Thank heaven for four wheel drive. I had to make two more trips after that back to the school.

The kids spent the day in the dark at school because of power outages. On my way to pick up the Kinnygardeners, I turned left and went up the hill instead of taking the back roads. That was a mistake and I knew it as soon as I turned and a car turned in front of me. Let me splain the hill. If you don't have four wheel drive it is like trying to get up Parleys Canyon in a snow storm. That car made it half way up and then slowly began to slide back down. Lucky for me I went around her. Whew! close call.

Then when I got home, I had the pleasure of watching the Garbage Man dump the cans. Poor guy, he dumped the garbage and the can followed. He had to climb into the truck and throw the stinking thing out. He didn't look none to happy. I wonder if it happened more than once today. I sure got a kick out of it. I laughed so hard I nearly coughed my guts out!

When the big kids got out of school, I drove up to pick them up. I usually pull into Grandma Jean's driveway. Fat chance there! She had a four foot mound in front of her driveway! Even in four high I wasn't chancing that since I was in slippers and toe socks.

I wonder now if perhaps Lee will buy me a snow blower. Doubtful!


The Creagers said...

you make me laugh...that poor trash guy, I can't believe you were laughing at him.

LeeAnn Barker said...

Good story, my snowbound niece. Hope evverbuddy's home & happy, having returned in Peace & Safety!

Connie and Jimbob said...

Good gravy indeed! We had a scant inch here, but I heard that you got socked up north. Ahhh, a 4 wheel drive vehicle is worth its weight in gold when you are taking kids all over heck. Don't you love it? I member the days when my 9-passenger Suburban was packed to capacity because all the moms called me to take their kids too when it snowed!

Nickessa said...

It snowed yesterday morning but melted within a couple hours. The snow has been worse today than yesterday down here in the valley. But I'm glad I don't have to be out in it. :)

Annie Valentine said...

In this weather, a snow blower would considered seriously romantic.