Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Conversations with my Kids

So I decided it might be kind of fun to post some of the various conversations I have had in the past with my kids. I mean the funny ones that you have when they are little. I think I shall do this once every other week. You see, i have a notebook that I keep and I write down the conversations that I have had with them and the funny words that they have made up. So here's the first chapter.
You all know Brennan right? Remember what a cute little three year old he was? Well if you don't recall, he was and is still very adorable. But when he was about three he cracked me up on a daily basis. He had this thing where he called Lee and I by our first names, and when he was going to tell you a "fish tale" he would make his voice really low and cool like. So the conversation went as follows. Be sure to hear in your head a real cool low voice when Brennan speaks:
Scene: Driving up 89 to Grandma Jeans.
Brennan: Hey Mindi?
Mindi: Yes Brenn?
Brennan: Do you see those mountains up there?
Mindi: I sure do. What about them?
Brennan: Well, you see Mindi I made them.
Mindi: You made them? How do you mean?
Brennan: Well, do you see how there is some red up there and green and there is even some brown?
Mindi: Yes.
Brennan: Well I painted em.
Mindi: You painted them? How did you do that?
Brennan: I drove around in my truck and painted them.
Mindi: Did you do that all by your self?
Brennan: Well, no. Christian works for me.
Mindi: Wow! So how much do you make at this job?
Brennan: Like 540.
End of conversation for one week. Then it picks back up while driving back up to Grandma Jeans.
Mindi: So Brennan, do you still work in the mountains?
Brennan: Nope!
Mindi: You don't, well how come?
Brennan: The pay sucked!


Connie and Jimbob said...

You're so smart to write these conversations down and save 'em. You can embarrass them later on in front of their friends...

chelle belle said...

i love reading all of the happiness in the stories they make my day. the smiling faces and all. i remember once at mom's when tysen had a pixie stick but not the paper kind but the tough plastic one and was struggling to open it and i offered to help him open it and i myself struggled with it when he tilted his little head to the side and said, "is that pretty tough aunt chelle." i was laughing to hard i almost peed in my pants. i think he might have been just over two years old. they are so cute when they are little.

Lance said...

Well, at least now I know who chelle belle is.

Anyhoo, I used to wrote those things down as well. It's a good thing to WRITE them down and keep them somewhere. I wrote them in a Word file and kept them on my computer for a while...then the hard drive crashed.

Cute story. Tell more.

Nickessa said...

What a good idea. I will definitely do this when Ainsley can talk. I can't wait for that age! How cute!

LeeAnn Barker said...

Hey, 'member when Brenny was a year old and speed-dialed KristiLin? HAHA!